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Jessica Simpson gets booed onstage while messing up her lyrics...
Jessica Simpson was the opener for Rascal Flatts, her last stop on the tour in Irvine, CA, but her singing left a lot to be desired. ...

Why Can't Jessica Simpson Remember the Words?
"There is no excuse," sniffs vocal coach John Deaver, who has worked with Sara Bareilles and Cher, "for messing up lyrics." But then again, Jessica Simpson ...

Jessica Simpson Tells Women In Abusive Relationships: 'Run So Far ...
Singer includes a song with lyrics that address domestic violence in her Phoenix show set. By Jocelyn Vena Jessica Simpson up about abusive relationships ...

Simpson's Plant City Concert Ignites Gossip On The Web
By DAVE NICHOLSON PLANT CITY - Jessica Simpson's concert at the Florida Strawberry Festival may have gotten mixed reviews from music critics. ...

Jessica Simpson Shapes Up But Forgets Lyrics Again In Salt Lake City
During a show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, earlier this month, Simpson had what was described as a near meltdown onstage, forgetting the lyrics to her single ...

Jessica Simpson Flubs Lyrics (Again) At Tour Finale
Jessica Simpson had trouble remembering her lyrics during her last stop on Rascal Flatts' Bob That Head Tour.

Jessica Simpson - Simpson Forgets Own Lyrics At Final Rascal Flatts Gig
JESSICA SIMPSON was left red-faced at a concert in California on Saturday (14Mar09) when she messed up the opening lyrics to two of her songs. The singer played her final ...

Jessica Simpson Forgets Lyrics to Two Songs at Final Concert
Jessica Simpson's days on the road are over. The singer, 28, played the last show on her "Bob Your Head Tour" (with Rascal Flatts) Saturday in Irvine, Calif. "I'm just so excited to be here doing this," she told the audience at the the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. "It's a dream come true. I feel like I've been given a second chance." Simpson made headlines while on the road for her ...

Jessica Simpson Flubs Lyrics - Again!
Jessica Simpson makes embarrassing mistakes at tour finale.

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